Monday, 31 August 2009

samsung i7500 galaxy new user tips

ok Ive had this for 3 days.

Samsung GT-I7500 Galaxy supplied by O2 , cost me £97 for a £35 / month contract.

supplied in the box

- Galaxy
- Small user manual
- Charger
- Battery
- Headphones
- Connection cable
- Software CD
- slip on case

Firmware version: 1.5
Baseband version: I7500XXIH6
Kernel version: 2.6.27

extra diagnostic menu


1. DONT load PCSuite onto your PC and try and update the galaxy!
The recent firmware versions have serious issues (random reboots)
From what I can tell their is a new version out in Italy.
The bottom line is let other people download it first and try it.
Lots of Europe users have been left with useless phone!

2. Battery life is shocking (but apparently ok for a true smartphone), Im getting 1 day MAX at the moment. By default all the toys are on , and it syncs frequently so it just hammers the battery.
Many forums suggest a few ways to improve this.....

from kam187 on various forums

- Turn off auto sync with google (down side is your mail won't auto sync)
- Turn off background data (down side is some widgets won't update automatically)
- Use 2g instead of 3g (downside slow data in browser etc, but you can put a toggle on your screen)
- Use mobile network for location and turn GPS off (downside less acurate location, but more than close enough for widgets etc. You can of course turn on GPS for navigation etc)

download TasKiller app, allows you to review whats running , youll be surprised.
Allows you to kill whats running.
One particular culprit is BBC News !

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