Monday, 31 August 2009

Seat Ibiza Sport Black 1.4 mpg update : 34mpg / 300 miles

the ibiza had now hit over 1000 miles. What a great little car.
1. bit excessive on the brake dust on the front wheels
2. car is pretty nippy for a 1.4!
3. mpg is disappointing at 34MPG so far (running 95 RON fuel) , but its still early days , I would expect this to get better as the miles increase. This is currently 300 miles range.


Maggie said...

i have a seat ibiza 06 and i only get 300 miles out my tank, pretty rubbish eh?

hows urs getting on now? any better?

JohnO said...

Hi Maggie,

Yes its a bit better.
Depends a lot on driving style but still only 350 miles ish