Wednesday, 19 August 2009

new phone time / N95 8GB saving contacts / preparing for Android

my contract with O2 has now ended and is rolling monthly.
Its therefore time to choose a new phone.

I have considered my long running affair with Symbian and Nokia , but the N97 just doesnt cut the mustard any more! The reviews are also terrible.

That leaves Windows mobile or Google Android or the Palm Pre (not yet released)
I have decided its time to jump to Android....

My first choice was the HTC Hero (G2 Touch) but its not available on O2 directly.
I could go to Carphone Warehouse but they only do brown or pink.
On top of that despite the ultra sexy SenseUI interface on top of Android it can be sluggish and the cameras pants!

So my current fav is the Samsung I7500 (Galaxy) which should be released on O2 at some point (maybe!) check out O2 forum mull over i7500 delays

I would really like the Sony Experia X3 to be honest but it seems even further away....
Cant wait to try out Android.....

which leads me neatly onto this :
In preparation for migrating to a new phone , I have looked for easy ways to transfer my contacts.
And as is googles way they seem to have already thought of all of this :-)

Google Sync

Theres a bit for S60 phones, just go into contacts and set the appropriate sync point and within 20 seconds all my contacts where uploaded to my googlemail account !

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