Thursday, 2 December 2004

JCW AirFilter Part 1 : Buying

Yep , well I couldn't resist and have ordered the air filter kit from John Cooper Works :-) Only just released ...
Heres the spiel off the website.....
"The unforgettably throaty sound of the engine will register instantly in your ears.
There is a second air intake controlled by means of an electronically actuated flap,
which opens during acceleration at 4500 rpm.
The result is a significantly improved performance curve and an even more distinctive sound."

Basically there are lots of options out there but I wanted to retain the warranty so it has to be a JCW part and must be fitted by a BMW dealer.
Part No is M13.72.0.391.513 234.05 (exc VAT) = 275 (incVAT) !!!!
Plus theres the labour still to be added to that.....

Its the same part that is included in the upgrade kit for converting the 200 BHP JCW kit to 210BHP.
The upgrade also adds slightly larger flow injectors and an ECU remap which I wont be getting (although it does seem better value and you could flog the larger injectors on ebay .....)
Reading on the forums the part alone does NOT need a remap for the rpm flap controller to function.
Expected BHP gains on a std S (which mine is) should be around 5bhp in the upper rev range. But Im getting it as much for the supposedly great sound as for power increase.
Next step once its fitted is to look at being able to manually adjust the secondary flap below 4500 rpm :-)

Car is filthy and needs a clean ......


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