Thursday, 16 December 2004

JCW air filter thoughts part1

Well I got home last night and I looked over the original std airbox assembly that was removed to fit the kit. (remember to ask for it back from the dealer!)

1) It was news to me that the std box ALREADY sucks some air through a small hole in the area beneath the windscreen air vents !!! There is no flap (so its open all the time) and its area is about 50% or less of the opening in the JCW kit.
To me this raises the possibility of modifying the std box to increase this opening , and or add your own manually actuated flap mechanism to achieve a JCW 'like' assembly for a lot less cash. Albeit no warranty but it would be a very stealthy. In fact more so than a JCW which stands out a bit with a damn great badge on the top..........
It surprises me how much louder the whine is above 4500rpm given that the hole has only been enlarged.

2) My car had 20K miles on it and the air filter that came off was FILTHY.
If you have a std car , check it now...

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95 GTS said...

glad you like the new intake noise John, why don't you sell a modded version of the std air box or come up with instructions on your web site!