Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Mini Cooper S Autocar Roadtest Download

Well , when buying a new car I tend to always buy lots of associated info.
So heres the 2002 roadtest of the Mini Cooper S. Its a pre-05 spec car , so remember that later cars have more hp and a revised gearbox (lower ratios) amongst other differences.

Recently moved back to our flat in Glasgow , after staying with my parents in law for 8 months! The commute before (Paisley To Glasgow) was averaging around 28MPG , but now from the much closer flat its even worse , down to 22 on the OBC which means its must be around 20 !!!!! The car just isnt getting a chance to warm up at all.
Which for a Cooper S is a killer (the cold start cycle).

Who cares really ... the Air Filter is fitted tommorrow.......

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