Wednesday, 22 December 2004

MPG update

Date------------Cost-----Ltrs----Gal----Miles-ltrs/mile-MPG---Total Mileage--Type

Trip Computer 24.5 mpg avg :: 18.8 mph avg spd :: 20 miles to go
cough!!! I guess the mpg whilst commuting is worse than I thought......
thats a drop of 5 MPG , due solely to my changed commuting habits.
(NB : not my new airfilter because more than 3/4 of this tank was done before this conversion)
The bottom line appears to be that the MINI only returns a reasonable gas mileage when allowed to warm up and driven on longer journeys.
Short commuting , start/stop journeys really hit the MPG hard.
To be honest Im really surprised . I dont drive a car hard (only sometimes). This kind of MPG from a 1.6 supercharged car is in my opinion , pretty poor.

Merry Christmas to everyone. J

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