Wednesday, 15 December 2004

JCW AirFilter is on

Yep , just got the car back from dealership.
They ended up needing 3.5 hrs !!! when the instructions (which I have pre-read off the web) indicate 1hr (for the JCW 210 upgrade inc injectors+remap) or 0.75hrs for just the filter assembly.
Of course I dont have a JCW kit , so it was just the airbox.
Underbonnet , nothing looks disturbed and its all still very neat , so thats a plus for the dealer. Car washed (albeit not to my standards LOL) as well.

So I hear you ask , how much and is it any good.

Initial impressions

1) Its bleeding expensive retaining your warranty. The box was £275 and I paid a further £85 today for 1hrs labour for fitting.
Thats £360 all in , for an airfilter assembly!!!!
Albeit a good quality one.

2)Ive only driven the car for a short distance (had to go back to work to pay it off LOL) , so I only went over 4500 rpm twice. In general the car seems 'perkier' throughout the rev range , with very definite 'whine' past 4500rpm.
I would describe it as 'whine' rather than induction noise.
Im pleased so far , albeit its a bit quieter than I expected , and definitely needs to be open all the time :-)
Im always aware of the 'placebo' factor , so Im trying to be objective!

Need to spend a few more days with the car for a better evaluation.
The good news is that I seem very lucky to have managed to get hold of a JCW air kit at all :-)

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