Tuesday, 7 December 2004

20k milestone / MPG update

Yep its true,20 thousand miles ,thats around 2500 since we bought the car...


Trip Com [ 30.3 avg MPG :: 26.3 avg MPH :: 7 miles to go ]

I have definitely driven the car harder on this tank. Lots of 40 mile blasts up and down the Paisley to Ayr Brae's road. Lots of twists and turns.
Have noticed that 'bump steer' when the road is bad is quiet noticable and can easily prevent you getting the power down.
Still haven't fitted the front mudflaps ! Car is absolutely filthy now , so much so that a preparatory jetwash before a had wash is now required to prevent me scratching the paintwork.....

Cant wait for the airbox :-)
Also found a set of vents that replace the pollen vents below the windscreen.
These are like mini subaru air scoops,may help to direct more air into the area the new filter will suck air from.

Also noticed that the sealing strip for the windscreen has come loose at the top and is contributing to excessive wind noise at speed.
My sisters hubby to be , also got an X5 4.4 V8 this week , what a machine !
Waaaay faster than I expected , superb for pimping round Ayr on a Saturday night (joke :-) )


95 GTS said...

and so the modding begins in earnest. Air scoops and air boxes it will never end. Good to see yo uare enjoying the car that's why we buy the cars we do.

wanna buy a 2nd hand clifford, piece of sh!t that it is

Linz said...

*swoon* an X5....... now there's a proper car!!!