Monday, 29 November 2004

yet another MPG update / ECU software / Carchip

MPG update
Date---------------Cost----Ltrs--Gallons--Miles--ltrs/ml--MPG---Total Mileage--Type

Trip Comp 31.2MPG : 27.6 avgMPH : 8 mls to go

ECU Software
Read some more on the forums about the 'stumble' when applying throttle from idle.
Seems linked to earlier software versions. I have downloaded the procedure to check the cars version and take it from there.

CarChip DataLogger
Managed to buy a power adaptor from Maplin. Installed a newer version of the software and tested it out.
Looks good , no fault codes recorded. Although quite how useful it is Im not sure LOL.
Maybe I'll sell it on..

Also my first ebay sale , the rear light rings from a fiat coupe group buy arrived last week , so I have put them on a 10day listing to see how it goes...

Roll on Christmas.... Ho Ho Ho......

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