Thursday, 18 November 2004

MPG update / Ramblings / Sis gets a Cooper

MPG Update
Date------Cost--Litres-Gallons-Mileage-ltrs/ml-mls/gallon-Total Mileage--Type

Trip Comp suggested 31.7 MPG , 26.2 Avg Speed , 12 miles to go before empty.
I reset the MPG and avg speed at each fill up so its not a cumulative average over all tanks.
It seems that the 'real' MPG is around 2mpg less than the computer suggests.
Car now has done 1700 miles since we bought it , and its the first time I've had to add oil! (0.25 litres). Like water it is too!(0W30) , I thought reading a fiat coupe dipstick was a black art , but the MINI is worse :-) esp just after an oil change.

Car continues to run great.
Traction control way too intrusive in the wet which really impedes rapid progress.
Its a good job you can turn it off :-)
I continue to be surprised by the pre-05 'S' gearbox ratios !!!
1st is way too long , 2nd not much better and 3rd to 6th are way too close .....
Car will pull 6th at 30mph and yet car parks and crawling in rush hour traffic can be troublesome in 1st. Its not a big problem but certainly something that doesnt utilise the MINI's engine to its full.

With a bit more info under my belt , it seems that normal tyres DO fit on the std wheels , so that may be a future option (including a can of tyre weld :-))
Perhaps some nice sexy Goodyear GSD3's ? mmmm

Seen several Minis over the last few days..A big wave to them..
A cool (and relatively rare) pepper white 'S' at Heathfield roundabout in Ayr.
A superb black Cooper with Arospeed rims at St Georges Cross in Glasgow.

I have to say , coming from a 'classic' mini background I prefer ye olde side exit exhaust :-) with a nice rolled edge...
On a big plus side , it appears that you can buy the Works AirBox seperately :-)
I also picked up the touch up paint from the local dealer this week.

Family Affair
Sis gets a new MINI Cooper. Yes its true there are now 2 MINIS in the family..
A brand new 05 spec Cooper Chilli Red/White Roof+mirrors. It looks stunning and has all the new fancy bits. I especially like the MPH readout on the rev counter and the lights in the inner door handles. She was really excited and I hope she enjoys it.

Heres a quick pic of the Mini Cooper 04 Red/White roof + mirrors and an arty version of the same pic for fun....


Linz said...

Glad to see you're enjoying your new car. I just wonder if Nic will ever get to drive it????

Keep :-)

JohnO said...

Of course !
She was the one that chose a MINI and she is on the insurance ....I'm just a caretaker for now til she chooses to use it....
Keep in touch J xx