Monday, 8 November 2004

MPG update


Trip--29.4-MPG,30mls-to-go , as ever the figures differ more than a little LOL.

Car runs great , but short commuting is not good for high mpg!
Also beginning to get annoyed with the 'stutter' that always happens the first time you press the accelerator from cold....

Sadly the super sexy Apexi AVCR which I had planned to fit into the old Fiat Coupe has now been sold (sorry Allan!) , need it to pay for fuel....

Also bought a MINI parts list from ebay. Also bid on a short shifter because it was sooo cheap.....

Wish list : MicroRoadPilot(in silver) [GPS speed trap detector]
: Ipod Mini or Ipod
: Replace Boost Cassette with Boost CD player (none yet on ebay!)
: More Power ! (BBR / West Tuning or JCW are current favourites)


1 comment:

95 GTS said...

glad you got the apexi sold I just couldn't afford it. Got a service coming up AND a cambelt change Ker Ching ££