Friday, 29 October 2004



First mpg report for the new car.
Calculations say 31.8MPG whereas the Trip Computer stated
35.1MPG (avg) :: 31.2mph (avg) :: 21miles est to empty
Apparently you can adjust the trip comp's adjustment factor....
Whatever its still good.

MINI seems to drink fuel when driven spiritedly or during the warmup phase from cold.
Once warm and cruising tho the mileage seems excellent.

FlyByWire throttle can be annoying. It seems to have 3 positions.
Off/Middle/Full Throttle. Mapping for the car from cold is awful , you can feel the car go through huge flat spots at 1500 and 2200 rpms.

Did some research about run-flat tyres for 17 inch wheels.
First thing that strikes me is the sheer weight of them!!!!!
The good news is that I can get my favourite tyre (Goodyear Eagle F1) in a run flat config.
Autocar reported that Pirelli's give a hard ride compared to Dunlop or Goodyear equivalents.
I have the Chilli Pack so I run...(data courtesy of
17" x 7" alloys fitted with 205/45 run flat tires:
R85 S-spoke (aka LeMans, S-lite) ET50 25.1lb (11.4kg)
which have OEM options of

205/45-17 TIRE WEIGHT (*)
------------------------- --------------- ---
Dunlop SP Sport 9000 DSST 21.8lb ( 9.9kg) P
Pirelli Eufori@ 22.0lb (10.0kg) P
Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT 30.4lb (13.8kg) A
P = performance (summer) tire
A = all-season tire

I run Pirelli Eufori all round with 2 new fronts put on when we bought the car.
I simply cannot believe the unsprung weights!!!!!
If I choose to go to F1's then I add 4kg per corner which as unsprung is massive.
A MINI with new wheels and non run flats must be truly amazing as the car is it is feels great.
Need to find normal wheel and tyre weights to compare.
The pirelli's are good but let go too soon in the wet and provide little feedback at the limit.
I have yet to try the dry weather limits!


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