Thursday, 23 July 2009

Mk3 MR2 drain vents cleaned

a few days ago I get called out to view a very internally wet and swooshy MR2....
the water just wasnt draining away and had also managed to fill the passengers footwell..
mmmmm not good. Time to do some www surfing, which showed I may have to consider unblocking the vents hidden behind the side vents !

from this link ...

Gently pry the vent off with a screwdriver. Remove the strangle shaped funnel with the small rubber flap. You will find a lot of leaves and debris in the hole. You can use a combination of the following to clear out the drainage pipe: turkey baster/water, vacuum, compressed air, or a coat hanger. Be advised that there is a drain on both side pockets where the top retracts. If it is not easily cleared, try forcing water through the drain and meeting it at the other end w/ a wet/dry vacuum. The side engine vents can be reinstalled by removing the white pins and gently snapping them into place. This applies to the MR2 mk3.

yep, they were blocked full of crud , all cleaned up , vent replaced and voila its fixed.
shame the carpets dont dry as quickly lol

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ACMTIX said...

Hi John,

I cleaned my drains out with some flexible bicycle gear wire, poking it down into the drains. Then I flushed the drains with hot water and washing up liquid. I didn't need to take anything apart and it worked well. I found that the velcro from the soft-top hood had decomposed and needed picking out of the drain. I replaced the velcro on the hood and I haven't heard the sloshing noise since.