Thursday, 23 July 2009

Freeview Loft Aerial install / Variable signal quality Why?

Its time to start considering that the old analogue tv signals are now being turned off across the country.
I live near to Winter Hill which will be turned off Nov/Dec 2009 ! leaving only the digital signal
Check out the link below for your local transmitter dates.

the reason I checked this all out is because I wanted to fit a tv in the bedroom with a built in freeview tuner. I either had to splice into our current aerial downlead OR utilise a loft aerial.
So I thought Id give the loft aerial a try , just using a very old one up there (its a horrible generic one with brown bad quality cable eek) , move it to match the positioning of the external aerial and screw it to a rafter!
Needless to say to my surprise it works! full signal quality , and around 75% signal strength! wow
what a result ....

then I drilled some holes and cleaned up ..... now the signal quality is jumping all over the shop on Channel 4 (Mux2 ?) which I suspected was maybe down to a change in weather conditions or a moving tree ???
Anyway left it for a few days and it didnt get any better , but the TV seemed to lock on better once left on for 10 minutes on the channel wtf???

Anyway long story but it turns out its the aerial coming in close contact to the tv power socket and lead. The minute I seperated them by > 5 inches the quality went up to 100% again and stayed solid woohooh. The poor brown quality cable really is pants....

so if you get signal quality issues, check for interference

Remember that post switch off the digital signal is getting boosted so if its marginal now itll probably be alright later :-)

thoroughly recommend this site Aerials and TV site , I did buy an external splitter/ black high quality cable but havent used it yet....

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