Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Agile Reference Blog / SMS preview for N95 / ex directory for 118800

Agile Blog reference cards
Code related , agile/TDD reference data and cards in a handy blog.
Great conglomeration of data
agile in a flash blog

SMS preview app for Symbian
added to my N95 8GB phone from OVI store (free)
works well however the maximum display time is 60 seconds which isnt long enough!

Removing you mobile number from 118800 directory listing
removing number from 118800 directory

This mobile directory goes live soon.

You may wish to consider removing your number (assuming it existed on their db in the first place!)
Go to

Select Ex Directory and follow the steps (it'll cost you a text)

I have removed mine.
It doesn’t seem like a trap (yet!) , as by requesting to go 'ex dir' they get your mobile number confirmation for free!

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