Wednesday, 22 July 2009

25k miles/ Edition 30 mpg updates / Grand Slam Tennis Wii

few more golf gti edition 30 apr stage 1 mpg updates.
Note that for these I didnt run the tank empty ;-)

30.7 mpg / 341 miles
28.5 mpg / 316 miles
29.7 mpg / 350 miles

pic of GTI beside a HUGE off road adventure land rover!

the last pic of the PS2's on the front just before them came off! somewhat smooth in the middle eek

then a few in game shots of my Wii Grand Slam Tennis character (now 3.5 stars , 2 full grand slams completed)
A fantastic 5 star game that Ive been addicted to over the last month........

Wii Sports Resort out on friday too :-)

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