Thursday, 16 July 2009

GAIT analysis for new running shoes at UpAndRunning Manchester

with training for Tatton Park progressing well, one of my work colleagues suggested that I may wish to pursue some new shoes....
Introducing me to the world of GAIT analysis, basically you run for short periods on a treadmill with different types of shoes whilst being videoed!
From that they determine how you are running and if you need levels of support type shoe.

I chose to go to UpAndRunning Manchester @ The Triangle
£20 if you dont buy shoes , free if you do.
Guy who looked after me was top notch , no pressure sells , full set of questions and a review of my 2yr old Nike Air trainers...

long and short I was pronating (apparently!) pushing out the inside of my shoe. So I tried several levels of support shoe and ran again , voila sorted.
In the end I chose to buy a pair of Brookes GTS shoes which feel vastly different to my old pair.
Top service from UpAndRunning , highly recommended.

Ran for the first time tonight in them, and its like night and day (or a huge placebo effect lol).

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