Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Bike@850miles / MINI wheels update

Decorating jobs to be done in Ayr to help my sister and her fiancee (before the wedding in 2 weeks time!) , so if the sun is shining it would be a crime not to use the bike. Several jaunts up n down M77 during night and day.
I have to say the 600RR is a very easy bike to ride.
Engine seems to be definitely bedding in well , on more than one occasion over the last 2 days I have had 'steering head shake' under full power in 1st and 2nd which is new ! I guess a steering damper may be in order.
Love the shiftlight on the RR at night time :-) , during the day I have to say I cant see it in my peripheral vision.
Definitely feel its producing more horses at the back wheel.
Throttle snatch/progression I still find tricky at junctions and roundabouts.
Even though I'm not pushing the bike too hard , I can still only manage ~100miles for the 8 bars of the fuel gauge (i.e. down to the reserve light)
Checked out the theoretical speeds on the bike in each gear(using Gear Calculator .......)
1st 74mph
2nd 103mph
3rd 123mph
4th 141mph
5th 158mph
6th 171mph
seems a bit ambitious, next time out ,I'll check this (!)
Disklok on backorder.
Will probably buy clear indicators if the 04 ones fit the 05 bike.
Still not fitted crash bungs (I now have 2 sets sitting in the living room..)

MINI wheels update
Well its certainly taking a long time. New wheels are apparently finished but now the delay is for the tyres I requested. Hopefully this can be resolved soon before the summer ends!!!!!!
Intercooler should be here soon too........


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