Wednesday, 8 June 2005

1000miles+ / Speeding

Ok quite a lot happening these days..

On a personal front its a tough 10 days , our wedding anniversary was Friday last week , Tuesday this week would have been Nicolas 33rd birthday and this Sunday coming , my sister gets married and has her reception at the same place we did , its gonna be an emotional Sunday.... thats as much as Im gonna post publically....

1000 miles + Speeding Ticket
Bike continues to get much stronger as the miles pile on.
With all the tough emotional issues its been really helpful to don the leathers and head out onto the open road.
I passed 1000 miles on Sun night (see pic) and in fact was off on Tues too and the bike is now at 1290 miles :-)
Fuel economy is around 100 miles extending to 120+ if you keep the revs below 8k.
In fact I have now passed my test for 4 weeks and I got my first speeding ticket
Needless to say I wasnt hanging about , but luckily the police were very pleasant and I got a fixed penalty of 60 notes and 3 points, officially done for 88mph in a 60 limit (lets just say this was a really good result for me...).
Didnt put a damper on my day though (I had bigger things on my mind), and I continued up loch lomond side and on toward rest and be thankful and lochgilphead.
Roads were warm and dry , so I got a chance to improve my cornering technique.
As far as I can tell the 6 points in 2 years New Driver rule doesnt apply to me as I've had my main car driving licence for 15 years, and the 2yrs applies to your first licence, and motorcycle entitlement is considered an addition.
Still to be 100% confirmed though , anyway I needed to slow down a bit anyway...

Clear paint protection film
Ordered from the US and I fitted the pieces that go onto the tank (as I was already marking it). Not adhesive but the stuff you spray water on first then spend ages get the bubbles out :-) It took a while to get a good finish but I think I did a good job. Well worth it.

Not a lot to report , still awaiting tyres and the Intercooler .....
After my recent points Im now seriously considering the micro road pilot GPS esp as the SPECS cameras are now being hooked up down in Ayr.
[Luckily it doesnt effect me on the bike though , (big grin...)]


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