Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Micro Road Pilot fitted

Micro Road Pilot
Ho hum I did actually attempt to fit this on Tuesday night however after some over enthusiastic yanking on the power cable I managed to fuse it internally!!!!
So I had to order a new one , what a pl*nker...
Anyway it arrived today (quick or what?) and I've now fitted the unit to the car.
In a somewhat unusual place up near the rear view mirror.
[TODO : In car pics to follow]
The GPS receiver on the dash RHS , which seems to work just fine even though I have a heated front window which can hamper reception. There are small strips either side of the windscreen that dont contain an element.
Quick road test and it seems to work just great :-)
Also fitted the whiter sidelights bulbs which look great compared to the 'brown' colour given off by the originals.

Clear indicators for bike arrived today too :-)

Next step is to get wheels on MINI(when they arrive) and buy some eibach springs to lower it ....

Missing the bike in this weather , but tommorrow it could be dry.........


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