Sunday, 22 May 2005

600RR first service completed

A rainy Saturday morning I headed down from Glasgow to Ayr North Harbour Cycles.
Bike had been sitting all week with 581 miles on it, so it was great to get out on it again :-)
Left it for couple of hours while they worked their service magic.
(Thats an oil and filter change and nuts n bolts checking to u and me...)
Decided not to have the R+G crash bungs fitted , as I have the bike design ones on order which dont need the fairing cut to fit.

Luckily it was dry on the road back up , so I got a chance to try 8k rpm's +++++
Woooohoooo , just seamless acceleration from zero revs to the limiter.
Truly linear (if a bit dull!) power delivery with no big bike unsettling bumps in hp.
In fact the motor feels so happy under full throttle I hit the rev limiter on more than one occasion in the lower gears. Brilliant the way it pulls so hard throughout any point in the rev range.

Looking forward to gaining more road miles and experience with the full rev range :-)
(next official service is 4000 miles.)

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