Friday, 13 May 2005

CBT / DAS Bike Training , CBR600RR

Yep , its true!
I have now completed my CBT , and my theory and practical bike tests.
And because I took my test on a high hp bike (and Im over 21) I can now ride any size bike legally !!!!!!!!

Bike Rite

New Bike

Yes , ranking with insane I went out and bought a brand new blue Honda CBR600RR as a starter bike :-)
Its absolutely lovely and surprisingly easy to get on with after the training CB500's.

Early comments are
1. Seat is relatively comfy
2. Throttle roll back engine braking takes a lot of getting used to.
3. Brakes are supreme
4. Very easy to ride at low speeds
5. Steering lock is minimal
6. Around 100+ miles to a tank so far
7. Limited to 6-7k rpm for run in (5-600 miles) , although I have momentarily gone to 8-9

In summary its just a great bike that can be ridden slowly very easily.
I can only imagine what joys lurk past 10k rpm once I have more experience and the first service is completed.


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