Sunday, 6 November 2005

Bike gets an airing...

At last a semi dry day , so I had to take the bike out :-)
Absolutely sublime but a bit hairy at times, especially about 2 miles into the run while Im taking it very easy!!!
Going very slow because the bikes been stored for 3 weeks but even so ye olde back tyre gave an almighty wobble whilst mid corner , needless to say I needed new underwear. Anyway gradually lent the bike over more and more and got the feel back from the tyres , there were some dry patches to have some full throttle fun.
In fact today I had more 'headshake' from 1st and 2nd full bore accel than in the last 5k miles !?! go figure , maybe the colder air means the bike producing a few more horses.
Anways , I ended up down in Stranraer which was great , lots a nice sweeping corners.
Even drier on the way back so could open it up a bit. Back home to wash it and put some more scottoil protectant on, now its tucked up back in bed.
What a bike :-)
5900 miles just now btw

MINI in for a service tommorrow.


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