Monday, 21 November 2005

dirty rear .... / my old golf spotted / D600 phone update

Only 400 odd miles and the car looks like this!!!
And to think the GP doesnt have a rear wiper ! Oh dear...
But then maybe their owners wont plan on taking the car out in winter.

Also passed my old Mk2 Golf GTi 'E98 JNH' on the motorway last night :-)
Heres a reminder [taken when it put out 85bhp@wheels at AVA dyno]....

How cool is that? A great car that I remember really fondly. Hi to Euan if it was you driving. Funny thing is I just knew it was my old car coming up to it (it was dark), dunno why I just did.

Phone update : Its cool :-)
Much better than I initially thought , the screen really is great.
The cameras good (although the fact its not protected by the slide IS an issue)
The microSD is a must have , just put all your stuff on that and use a USB adapter to plug it into your pc to get photos , much easier and quicker than bluetooth that I used to use.

no way the bikes getting used in this weather , its way too slippy even in the MINI.

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