Sunday, 27 November 2005

6000 miles on bike at last...

Yep its true :-)
Another run out to Stranraer. Didnt see another bike at all :-(
Sunny on the way out , very cold and raining on the way back LOL
Very slippy to be honest and a lot of mud on the roads from tractors.
Bike still felt superb though, passed the six thousand mile mark on the way back.
For some reason it still only did 100 miles to a tank!!! and I was REALLY keeping the revs down. Wheelspin in 2nd under full throttle (didnt dare it in 1st!).
Bike was filthy and got the usual clean before being put back into the garage.
Also seems ok so far as far as leaving the alarm on (re:battery levels), that was 3 weeks left and it started on the button.
Summer gloves arent good enough in winter , my hands were numb. Reminds me of the heated grips on the BMW 1200R bliss :-)
So thats 6000 miles from 6th April (DAS test pass) to now 27th Nov , nearly 8 months , not bad me thinks , and of course I'm still here which is a bonus LOL

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