Sunday, 30 October 2005

MINI Insurance / MPG cruising@85

Yep its that time of year again.
Esure have been really good but they dont cover modified cars , so given my recent mods ;-) it seemed prudent to find a company who did....
So I'm now insured with Greenlight again , who can now cover MINI's , Ive been with them before for the Mini(Classic) and Fiat Coupe, never claimed bu customer service is great (no foreign call centres!)
Premium is the same as my renewal from Esure but now includes GTT stuff/GRS IC and the wheels ...result.

With the bike away , the cars getting much more use and seems to enjoy being run more often. Did a few big runs recently and on cruise control@85mph (by GPS via road pilot) the car averaged 27.9mpg over 200+ miles which I thought was quite good.
Given previous results Ive had that figure is probably 25.9 mpg ish (the calibration seems roughly 2mpg optimistic)

Need to try an ECU reset soon to see if that helps performance ....

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