Sunday, 9 October 2005

finding a bike for Allan / K1200R choices...

Another saturday spent out drooling over bikes
, whilst looking for a bike for Allan , theres just so much choice :-)
Sadly the nice ZX6R wed seen was sold :-(
lots of nice bikes to look at I guess the search continues ,with Xmas coming up soon hopefully prices are going to tumble :-)

Allan kindly agreed to take me to the BMW garage to see the K1200R.
[they also had my dream car outside , a Laguna Seca coloured M3 on 19's :-)]
sadly its only available in 3 colour choices

for now my favourite is the middle image , I think the silver wheels look better :-)
Still finding it difficult to get out of the sportsbike mentality though, especially as I could buy a GSXR1000K5 and have lots of change for next yr!! I am by no means decided as yet.
The extra options are...
ABS £795.00
Anti-Theft Alarm £245.00
Cockpit Fairing £130.00
Dual Low Seat (790mm) £0.00
ESA (electronic suspension) £525.00
Heated Grips £195.00
Luggage grid £80.00
Sports Wheels 190/50 ZR 17 £155.00
so speccing the bike for what I would like (i.e. it all except heated grips!) came to a truly astounding 11k , feck me thats a hell of a lot for a bike.
I will get a test ride first and take it from there....
[and of course see if I can even insure such a beast !!!!]

Still using the 600RR when I can , sitting at 5700 miles this weekend.
I guess I should consider putting it away for the winter very soon :-(


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