Tuesday, 4 October 2005

climbed cobbler / night bike runs

Well at last :-) I managed to make it up 'The Cobbler'[Ben Arthur] on Saturday.
What a great day with folk from my work. Tired legs after it but nonetheless superb.
Wet on the way up , and true to form the sun came out for a lovely day just as we were on the way down.

Good run there and back in the MINI stretching its legs a bit , GRS I/C really makes a world of difference.

Since its been dry Ive also been out on the bike after finishing work :-)
Cant resist, so thats 2 x 80 mile tanks and 100 miles on the last fill up.
Frugal it aint. Exciting it most definitely is.
wonder if I'll make 6k miles before it get tucked away for the winter?


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