Sunday, 10 September 2006

26000 miles in M3

Car continously astounds me , a true all rounder that I dont know how I will ever replace.......

Tyres (235/265 Goodyear F1 combo) are now bedded in and for me at least I feel no less grip in the dry compared to Michelin PS2 , wet they are AWESOME.
3k miles on them so far and wear seems minimal which is a good sign.
Turn in and feel when 'leaning' on them in corners is good giving a high degree of confidence. Sadly the inbuilt understeer , whilst minimised is still there and can annoy on roundabouts when pushing on. (I guess you could argue thats an excuse to get the rear end out if you are a competent driver but for me I think it should hang on much longer....maybe 245's up front next)

Continues to return an average 28MPG general driving , this increases to 28MPG @ 85MPH. Previous experience shows computers to be optimistic , so I guess thats probably 25 MPG ish which is superb for a car with 300+ horses and I dont drive slowly sometimes !

Sun was out today , miss the bike badly , especially when stuck behind lines of traffic on loch lomond side ........


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