Monday, 25 September 2006

27k miles in M3 E46

Yep another 1000 miles .....

Tyres supreme , especially as its now getting very wet and lots of standing water on the motorways.
Only thing that really annoys me now is the flatspot/stutter at low revs (<3k) when transitioning from small to med/large throttle positions.
The car appears to stutter just for a second then go OK. When cold its VERY noticeable. Although to be honest M3 's appear to be a bit temperamental when warming up....
Perhaps a coil pack etc ? dunno yet.

Phone Upgrade Time
Yep , 12 months have passed , so its time for a new phone.
So out with the D600 and in with the D900 , so far so good.
Only downside so far is that the power/usb cable is different so my additional chargers for the D600 are defunct.


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