Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Inspection 1 service completed

Inspection 1 service

Well , there it is in its full glory........

Car had Inspection I service by Henry Bros Glasgow. So far excellent service from them.
Cost of M3 specific oil is however somewhat horrific! as is the total bill ! 765 quid is big in anyones book.
Although fair play , they replaced both rear springs which were broken under warranty (car felt fine to me , just made some odd noises when parking).
So top marks to Henry Bros for spotting it.
They also adjusted handbrake to remove the excess travel.

Also object to being asked to pay 12 quid insurance for a hire car , given the actual service is that kind of money. Had a 3 series 320SE which was nice though , way too slow and no character however.

Happy to stay with approved dealer (for the fsh) until its out of warranty , then I plan to take it to Thorney Motorsport in Milton Keynes.

Windscreen chipped
Picked up a bleedin stone chip AGAIN on Sunday , thrown up by a car in the fast lane (and no I wasnt that close!) , just beside the interior mirror , and looks like itll need another screen at some point !!!

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