Sunday, 16 January 2005

tyre fairies....?

must be!
Took the car into Henry Bros on Sat morning (great of them to fit me in at short notice) to let them check out the tyre.
Went to pick it up later and they say its fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm stumped, so for now Ill leave it.
Certainly the runflat indicator has yet to come on a third time!
[maybe somebody is letting my tyres down outside the flat???]
Cost me nothing (nice one Henry Bros) , so I bought some oil while I was there ....

Car is constantly filthy at the moment due to the weather :-(
I'm also bidding on an earlier single slot CD on ebay , but it may soon go well above what Im willing to pay. Last one I saw went for £150 !!!!!

Carchip moan : I usually download info on a Sun , and today the application that reads the data hung after I had cleared the memory. It seems as if it has saved 'some' data but a lot is gone, bugger...
Carchip is a nice tool but the inability to view saved data with the unit attached AND software instability certainly spoils the experience a bit.
A rock solid application and a few finishing touches would make it so much better.
Would I buy one again ?? Yes , but be aware of its 'idiosyncratic nature'
.......come to think of it thats a bit like the Pace Twin Freeview Personal Recorder settop box I recently bought (great idea but let down by instability)

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