Thursday, 6 January 2005

MPG update

Re: MPG Update
Date------------Cost--Litres--Gallons--Mileage--litres/mile--MPG--Total Mileage--Type

Trip Data : 28.2 avg mpg / 24.5 avgmph / '------' to go!
As ever its around 2 MPG less than I actually got.

This time I ran the car to 0 miles to go on the Trip Computer , it then updated and gave me 5 miles extra ! it did this several times then it just displayed '------' as I just drove on ......LOL
The speedo display needle was below the red warning light. Im not sure how much further you can go. I suspect quite a bit.

Re: Windscreen Strip / Possible Puncture
As well as the 'adrift' strip (which it turns out is a common problem and caused by new screens being fitted too low on the car!!! However I dont plan to let the dealer attempt to move/replace it !!! Small amount of silicone me thinks)
Even more fun as the runflat indicator came on yesterday......
None of the tyres look even slightly deflated (which on runflats they apparently dont).
I will check the pressures on the way home tonight, but for now it drives as normal.....

Re : JCW FIlter
Im convinced the car definitely feels quicker with it on. Especially in the upper rev band.
Its more willing to rev to the redline for sure.
Not only that after a few good 'hard' runs the car seems much better , and appears to 'adapt' to the new filter over time.
Love it and would certainly buy again...

Enjoy 2005 J

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