Sunday, 23 January 2005

MPG Summary :: MINI Cooper S (up to Jan 2005)

I reckoned it was time for a summary of my fuel usage with the Mini Cooper S

Miles-MPG----OBC data
315---31.8---35.1MPG/31.2mls/21 to go
259---25.9---29.4 MPG/30mls to go
298---28.2---31.7MPG/26.2mph/12 to go
280---29.3---31.7MPG/25.7mph/40 to go
299---28.5---31.2MPG/27.6mph/8 togo
288---26.9---30.3MPG/26.3mph/7 togo
283---25.6---28.2mpg/24.5mph/0 to go!


Thats 279 miles per tank on average and 27.0 MPG.
(On my car the OBC trip computer seems to register an average MPG thats always at least 2MPG above the actual. I reset each time on fill up)
Please note that recently my commuting has become lots of small journeys which REALLY drops the 'S' mpg.
I also had the JCW airbox fitted so I tend to go above 4500rpm more :-)
The warm up phase of the mini seems to burn a lot of fuel.
Longer runs and 28+ is possible.

In comparison my old Fiat Coupe 20VTurbo was actually better on fuel ... go figure.

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