Thursday, 11 August 2016

Indesit FDU20IX Oven light on but no fan, no heat : replacing the door microswitch

Indesit FDU20IX Oven

I have already replaced oven element , bulb and thermostats on this oven ( more than once!) over the years, this time around it was different...

On this oven, previous diagnostics have been along the following lines which has worked well :

If the power light is OFF when turn oven knob on            = replace the thermostat
If the power light comes ON, and fan ON but NO HEAT = replace the element

but this time I had :

Turn oven on, power light comes ON , oven bulb lights but NO FAN and NO HEAT !
Not having the fan run was a new one.

I have recently replaced the element, so I did check again and nothing obvious in terms of fused parts.

It could have been a broken fan, but I still would have expected the element to heat up (but it didnt)
Looking through parts list on ESpares, I did start reading the reviews for replacement fans and the door microswitch and something twigged it just may be that!.

So I went to the oven, turned it on and started playing with the door switch, and voila the fan moved slighty :-)  result.

So ordered a switch


Was able to pull the oven out (a tried and tested procedure by now) , and remove the side panel by removing as little screws as possible (didnt need the whole top and rear removed.

Switch is just held in by 2 screws.

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