Sunday, 5 June 2016

Ford Kuga Mk1 2.0 TDCI : replace front brake pads /new mcgard locking wheel nuts / stainless steel wheel nuts

Cars mileage today was 79263 miles

See an earlier post where I originally replaced the discs and pads with Ford OE items from a Ford dealer on ebay

Old oe pads lasted 35000 miles
Discs were fine, so only pads needed replacing

Note, that these are Brembo pads, not Ford OE but are supposedly of a better than OE spec

Old vs New

Locking nuts replacement

Ford OE had rusted.
Have used McGard before and they are the locking nuts guru's


Wheel nuts replacement

The Ford OE wheel nuts are 2 piece with a stainless cap and steel body. These quite quickly degrade and the cap falls off, leaving a rust head (that isnt the OE head size)

The Kuga forums provided a great alternative. Get full stainless steel wheel bolts that include a stainless washer


from this ebay shop


With new bolts all round it all looks nice and clean :-)

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