Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Ford Kuga 163 2.0 TDCI : diy replacing front and rear discs and pads

For this years (2013) MOT the brakes and pads were an advisory, they had started to get noisy so reckoned they needed changed.

Dealer wanted over £550 all in (inc fitting) to supply and fit new front and rear, but i thought I'd buck the trend and fit my own, as I've done lots of brakes before.

Heres how they came off, note the front brake pads being a little lacking in material!
I didnt strictly need to replace the discs (could have ground off the old disc lip) but preferred this way.

Front and Rear (car at 44,000 miles)

I chose to get the parts from ebay auctions. generally its from OE Ford dealers just selling parts. 
You could also try other brakes places e.g. TPS (need trade account) / EuroCarParts, or even your local dealer if you can get a good discount, but I preferred this way.

Camskill even do a full set for £120! but they are pattern parts and I've had bad experience with pattern brake parts before, so I avoided.

I actually bought these :

front discs (vented) OE Ford + pads (pads only, didnt have springs or caliper bolts, need to use existing)


rear discs (solid) OE Ford + pads (includes fitting springs and 4 new caliper bolts)


Being OE you should also keep the Ford warranty, if that bothers you.

front calipers just push back so do not require a special tool (but by all means use it to help)

The tool is definitely required for the rear , both calipers turned clockwise using tool for me.(so you only use one of the 'twisters' below)

This is the caliper kit I bought for this use.

I also used threadlock (removable) on main bolts as well as a light smear of copper grease to make getting the wheels off easier next time.

I had planned to paint the calipers but ran out of time, so that will have to wait until early 2014.

So far, so good, they have been great, and the pedal feel is much better than before.
I did do a few mid level stops to attempt some break in for them as well after fitting.

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