Thursday, 9 January 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 : Sandisk 32GB card corrupt again. lets try a Samsung brand

For months my Galaxy S4 works fine, then bam my battery usage increases massively and my phone goes dead in 3 hrs, as well as any apps Ive copied to SD Card now failing.
I have actually lost very few photos because i have autobackup enabled (for Google+ whilst plugged in at night)

Eventually I worked out this was due to corrupt files on the SD forcing unmounting, the OS would try to remount soon after and just eject again. Continous cycle that just kills battery.

This can be tested by using SD Card Monitor to view the cycle 
(it shouldnt be very often!)

SDCardMonitor on GooglePlay

In the time Ive had the phone Ive had
had one card fail due to manufacturing defect (free replacement, see an earlier blog post)
another fail and I cant be bothered with all the tech support calls to Sandisk.

So now Im trying a Samsung branded card to see if that makes any difference.

Samsung 32GB Class 10 UHS-1 Grade 1 48MB/s MicroSDHC Plus Memory Card without adapter

Lets see how this one goes

[EDIT 07/04/2014] : I have not had any SD card problems since fitting the Samsung version!!! go figure.

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