Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ford Kuga FAQ

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join the forum, lots more great information there too.

* Fuel consumption / Miles Per Gallon

* Engine management warning lights / issues with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

iPod/iPhone/Bluetooth/USB connectivity

* Ford easy fuel system

* Colour mismatch on body panels

Red/Green change up/change down arrows

How to tell if a Kuga is 2wd or AWD
Either check: and use the reg or VIN number or read this thread:

Clunking sound at 15 mph when pulling away after starting - Answer is it's the ABS self testing and is normal
Fogging/condensation in light clusters

Rear seat trays

Parking sensors

* Diamondbrite/Supagard/Puregard/GardX Paint Protection

Roof rails /roof racks

Bull bars / side steps

Auxiliary/Parking/Supplemental heater

Tow bars/Tow bar electrics/Tow mirrors/Caravanning

Button near the drivers side door release handle - Answer is it's the button to turn off the internal alarm scanning when the car is locked & is intended for use if animals or children or such like are left in the car for a short period of time. 

* Noise from Bridgestone tyres

Panoramic roof & insurance

Mud flaps

* Engine remaps / tuning boxes 

* Alloy wheel corrosion

* Baby & Child seats (Isofix, Britax, Maxi etc)

* Power steering settings

* Gear stick gaiter cracking

* Squeaky door & window seals

* Water leaks & ingress in footwell & boot

* Problems with DAB Radio

* Daytime Running Lights (DLRs)

* Bumper protector

* Info on tyres - best prices / where to buy etc

* Kuga performance in the snow

* Tailgate mesh thingy (it all becomes clear when you read the thread!)

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