Monday, 10 September 2012

DIY : Replacing an Indesit FDU20IX main oven thermostat

Indesit FDU20IX

initial problem

Oven would run flat out and never fail to cutoff at desired temperature.
Oven heating light would stay on permanently and burn food within 10 minutes!

So rather than call out an electrician I thought Id have a go myself.
Ordered a replacement thermostat from espares. £24 quid all in (inc postage)

the link also contains a helpful youtube review (generic), which helps a lot but isnt specific to the FDU20ix

So, in general its pretty easy and mostly dissassembly and reassembly.
The key parts I had issue with are described below

Once it was all apart and the top cover was out.
i couldnt work out how to remove the old switch, as it turns out you just pull it off, its held in by spring loaded pins. just pull unit towards back of oven, new part just slides back on.
Easy once youve done it once!

There is an inner panel for lower oven , light unscrews (anti clockwise). needs removed to seat the new therm probe ok.

And finally the most important bit, I replaced the item and turned the oven back on, only to find that everything else worked EXCEPT the main oven, no power at all!
Just by chance my wife suggested setting the clock (rather than leave it flashing from the power being off), and Voila it then worked!!!!!
Obviously an interlock, but had me scratching my head for more than a few moments I can tell you.

Anyway all sorted now and works a treat.
I even spent Sat morning with wire wool making sure you can see through both oven doors for the first time since we moved in (5yrs+)

Job well done and satsifying.
Give it a go, just dont forget to turn the power off ;-) a during shot...

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