Tuesday, 17 August 2010

weeksSinceBirth.apk : first noddy Android Widget

had a counter on my XP desktop at work for how old my daughter is in weeks, reckoned I could do with the same on my Nexus One

Scoured AppBrain /AppStore for any useful countdown/countup timers. But alas some were just applications (not widgets) , others wouldnt count up ! and others wouldnt shows weeks (first yr of life usually has milestones in weeks)
scarcely believable but in the end I gave up and decided to install AndroidDeveloperTools plugin for Eclipse and have a go myself.

really noddy at this stage but a working widget that updates every hr.

TODO wishlist

allow date/time picker for entering date.
(and laterly pick up DOB from contacts as well)
allow font type/size and colour changing
allow background image toggle/gradient fill
allow configurable update period

of note I did find this which I've also installed and is pretty slick.

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