Wednesday, 18 August 2010

DDM screenshot : Nexus One screens with Launcher Pro installed

reckoned I would also try using DalvikDebugMonitor to take screenshots of my current 5 homescreens.

tips can be found
(note : you dont need to download the drivers, they already come in the SDK download under usb-drivers folder)

Nexus One / Froyo 2.2 non rooted
Launcher Pro so i have 5 homescreens centered around the one below.
Theres three to show the scrollable dock (the icons at the bottom) of LP that is sooo useful and cleans up your desktop of icons.
just swipe left or right to get a new set. fully customisable to any apps you want.

these are the other 4 (2 either side of center) of the screen above

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