Thursday, 22 July 2010

Swype : Keyboard replacement for Android

an android app (well keyboard replacement strictly speaking) pointed out to me by a recent Buzz post by Giles.

"Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard"

Im running Swype beta version on google nexus one eclair ( as of 21st july 2010 now running Froyo ;-) )
First there was simple text input for sending sms/email etc, then we had the now ubiqitous t9 predictive text. (, which my wife still doesnt use !
Now there are some new players to the game, one of which is Swype

Basically you drag your finger around the keyboard to draw a line between the letter s of a word.
Sounds odd but quickly becomes second nature. Really accurate, it rarely gets words wrong first time, or provides a suggestions pop up.
Spaces are automatically added.
Double letters you just squiggle over the letter twice. Since installing I have used nothing else for sms and emails.
Its such a simple idea but just works, and saves a lot of time when creating lengthy messages.
Ordinary text input is still available if needed but you dont lol.
In fact I wrote this review initially while offline on holiday in Spain a week ago.

I even had a moment of panic this week, when my Nexus One upgraded to Froyo and left my Swype install not working!
Frantically downloaded the new installer but for a few minutes I was back to the 'old days' lol

Works flawlessly

Still in beta (if you havent subscribed youre already too late) but released soon I hope.
Needs decent screen size for finger swyping.
You need to be aware of qwerty layout for long words
no easy smiley support


For me 5 out of 5 , must have application for android users.
I would struggle to do without it now, and theres not many apps you can say that about.


Swift key Android T9

Dragon voice iphone (Iphone but will be ported to Android no doubt , speech to text engine)

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