Thursday, 1 July 2010

GTI Edition 30 : 3rd service 40k miles and cambelt change

39800 miles (2.5 yrs old),  the 3rd service on the car now completed.
all good, a cool 200 notes again , I mentioned the cold start cambelt sqeak which they couldnt hear.
they also wanted to replace a rusting bonnet catch.
So I took it back in yesterday so they could hear it from cold and do the warranty item

So I got it back today with a new cambelt/tensioners and waterpump.
VW recommend changing the water pump at the same time but wont pay for it!
So it cost me £50 for the pump, rest was done under warranty which is around £600 worth.
All done now and quite as a mouse :-)

Apparently the VW recommended period for the GTI is 4yrs or 120,000 miles !!!!

next up MOT end Sept

heres the 1.2 Polo I had as a courtesy car

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