Thursday, 28 May 2009

Punch Out! Wii

new release boxing Wii game arrived , I had pre-ordered it for a while.
Its brilliant :-) Buy it NOW

Punch Out ! Wii @ Amazon

I even added the following review to Amazon :

a old game updated for the Wii, we all know how much of a recipe for disaster this can be, however thats way off the mark in this case.
What an absolute blast, and in my opinion different and better than Wii Sports Boxing.
From the very offset , graphics (for the Wii!) and sound are impressive and work well together. Menu navigation is quick and 'punchy' between screens, with few if any delays.(usually only after a fight ends)
Ok some can be blocky (480p with cable) but thats to be expected and in no way detracts from the game. In game graphics while fighting are top notch and very slick.Each new release shows just how much better developers are at getting the best from the Wii.

Controls work well (nunchuck and wiimote together) as I preferred to be more involved in the game, havent yet tried pad only. Your arms still hurt lol.
Just throwing your arms around isnt going to win you any fights in this game. Tactical assessment of your opponent them whallop them in the weak spots.

A thoroughly enjoyable game that surprised me. Great for all ages.
One to definitely add to your collection

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