Thursday, 28 May 2009

Golf GTI Edition 30 mpg updates x 3 / VCDS tips / home grown chillies!

GTI Edition 30

commuting mileage for the last three tanks
(all Shell Optimax fuel)

29.5 MPG / 350 miles
32.2 MPG / 370 miles
31.0 MPG / 370 miles

Id say thats pretty good going for a 300 bhp car :-)
notice how I skilfully caught the screen transition from tank image to time....

VCDS cable

Also did my first hour of datalogging with TopCats GTI this week using VCDS software and cable. What a superb buy, hooked into the dataport you can learn so much , reset fault codes and change options
Next up its mine for some logging............eek

Got some tips already :

1. use advanced measuring blocks (up to 12 at one time)
2. click the VCDS logo to enable you to save the 'blocks' profile to save you having to select them all again
3. click the turbo button to increase the sampling speed(nice ! )
4. run on 4th (or 3rd if the speed is too high). pref 3rd imho
5. lock out DSG in single gear
6. run from 1500 rpm to redline
7. note the conditions before logging : e.g. temp , pressure (you can read this off the live display before starting)
8. Note the cars fuel type / mileage / mod list

Chillies grown from seeds ..

Last pick is of the status of some home grown chillies started by a work colleague and now in my care, they dont have grow quickly, chillies in a few months I believe.......

Tatton Park 10k run 26th Sept 09 for Cancer Research UK

The more observant of you will notice the new 10k run Sponsorship link.
Spurred on by a neighbour who recently ran the Manchester 10k, a need to get fit and my desire to further support Cancer Research UK, I have entered the 10k run at Tatton Park on 26th Sept 2009.
I have already started training and have bought a GPS tracking watch with HR monitor to spur me on (Garmin Forerunner 305)

Please follow the link and sponsor me, its for a very worthwhile cause.

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