Friday, 3 April 2009

VW Golf GTI V50 special edition

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VW's GTI V50 special edition gets a harder-edge, but we don't get it!
We might still be a few weeks away from the launch of the new MkVI Golf GTI here in the UK, but in the Far East it's likely the wait will be even longer. But don’t feel sorry for them, as buyers in Singapore will soon be able to get their hands on this, the Golf MkV GTI V50.
Power has been increased from 197bhp to 246bhp while torque has been increased considerably to 282lb ft, up from 207lb ft. That makes the V50 nearly 40bhp more powerful than the new MkVI with over 70lb ft more torque.
Volkswagen has still opted to use the standard car’s 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, but a Stage 1 ECU remap and a performance exhaust have helped liberate enough extra grunt to lower the 62mph sprint time to 5.6sec, an improvement of 1.3sec.
Sports suspension lowers the limited edition V50 by 15mm and the VW Performance body kit adds a new front spoiler, side sills and rear bumper. The V50 also uses Volkswagen’s six-speed DSG gearbox that was available as an option on the standard GTI.
Beneath the Pirelli P Zero tyres and 18-inch alloy wheels lie upgraded brake discs and callipers taken from the more extreme R32.
Volkswagen are yet to reveal a price for the GTI V50, but as it will only go on sale in Singapore you’re not likely to bag one anyway.

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