Sunday, 26 April 2009

Players in the PArk / Time Attack Oulton Park Apr 2009

another class forum day
Ash youre a star , the stand spot was a real bonus for us all.

quick recap

8am TC moans I'm 30 seconds late and sends me a text even though Im already on my way to the meet point FFS
8.30 meetup at the windmill , usual suspects, tom unveils 'les shorts'
8.45 brisk fast sprint trot blast cruise drag race responsible driving to next meet point garden centre meetup , billys already bought a bush , nathan adjusts his bra
9.15 park up in players area, by pure chance Nathan gets a downhill lie , I get the only fecking hump on the hill leading to an uphil lie and my car looks like a 4x4 , hilarity ensues (I cry a little inside...)
9.16 heavens open , we all get wet , StevePg brings out the uber umbrella, Tom goes hypothermic

check out the cars
walk around
drink coffee
grab scran
repeat until suntanned , broke , bored , bladder full or money exhausted
9.30 joe pulls out the keg of Red Bull
10am someone suggests a forum club together for flag/gazebo etc , tight scot immeadiately downplays the idea
11am Nathan gets upset , 'someones' car beads more than his
12am TC joins the rather dubious 'bra' club
2pm Toast arrives but lets us all down without the 19's being on
3pm everyones going a distinct pink colour
4pm home for a slap up meal and some beers.......

For me highlights of the show

A rather tasteful Mercedes E class that had every 'halfords' option added to it , pure class [sarcasm]
A rather disturbing trend towards those god awful bra things.... why?
Hip n cool trendy musak from the players DJ, boy did I feel old!

this time I remembered suntan cream but it got washed off by the earlier rain FFS

Awesome day and thanks to everyone , really was 4 seasons in one day.

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