Thursday, 5 February 2009

Santa Pod RWYB 1st Feb 2009 : 2nd mk5golfgti forum meet

A very cold Sunday (1 deg C ! but felt much lower with wind chill) , travelled down to Santa Pod with a group of other GTI owners from for the first RWYB day of the year.
A great day , but it snowed! 
Did quite a few runs but alas did badly.
Best was slip below, a 15.09 sec 1/4 mile!  (that was with ESP ON ! I was slower with ESP OFF)

Best manual of the day got a 14.3 , however DSG cars were in the 13's with jonnyc's monster running a 12.9 @ 118mph! (LSD+R888 tyres+DSG)
At least I made it home with my clutch still intact (for now)
At the very least I would expect a 14.5 :-(

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